If you have been asked to be a bridesmaid, it means that you are one of the important person for the bride and it is a great honor for you.  As the bridesmaid, what you need to do is to help the bride to make the wedding perfect. There are some general guidelines to being a good bridesmaid. Preserve your friendship and your sanity during your friend’s wedding and her wedding planning by following some simple rules.

 Remember, it’s an honor. Be proud of yourself that you're a good enough friend to rate. Maybe you were there the first night they met. Maybe you were there the moment they fell in love. Maybe you morally supported them throughout their courtship. Maybe you're the best high school friend, the sister, the sister-in-law-to-be, or the best college friend. Maybe they just don’t have many friends and you got the position by default. Whatever the case, you're one of their closest friends and for that you should be proud.

 Provide Moral and Emotional Support. Emotional reinforcement is just as important as on-the-ground, tactile support like setting up chairs or mailing out invitations. Think of yourself as a psychological security blanket for your friend. For example, reflect on what she says (and doesn't say) before firing off your opinion. Empathize with her point of view and give thoughtful feedback when asked for input. Focus on what she feels and wants, as opposed to what you think she should feel or want. Approach delicate topics with sensitivity, and above all else, keep a positive attitude.

Bite Your Tongue. Here's the golden rule of being an awesome bridesmaid: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.That means no trashing the groom or other bridesmaids, friends or family. This rule is particularly important when wedding dress-shopping with the bride. If she's nuts about a gown and you abhor it, keep your critical thoughts to yourself and find something about it that you do like. Give positive feedback.And don't fake it; your friend can probably tell if you're being authentic and honest. This rule applies to everything: her wedding colors, the cake flavor, the song played for the couple's first dance. Remember, the bride is putting her heart into planning this momentous event that will kick off a brand new chapter in her life. Her fingerprint is on everything, so any carping from you could easily feel like a disparaging remark about her personally.

Be agreeable about style choices

Only if you’ve cut your hand off and want to disguise it should you make any fashion suggestions to the bride. Keep all opinions about the wedding style positive. You love the dress. You love the tuxes. Even if your wardrobe is completely wash and wear and your idea of a tux is the polyester kind from the 70s, you approve of, and wholeheartedly support, the bride’s choices. Parasols? Grand. Lollipop centerpieces? Fabulous.



Spend The Night Before Your Wedding

    What would people usually do the night before wedding? Some one may held a crazy payty to memorize the last night of being single. Some one may think it would be nice to go out for dinner, and maybe catch a drink in town. They don't want to do anything too crazy the night before but want to honor the night somehow. We've heard of all sorts of things: old-fashion slumber parties with attendants, watching dumb movies, campfires with s'mores … down to just hanging out quietly with your future-spouse at home. One thing we know: don't drink too much. You want to be well-rested! In order to make your wedding day successful, you have to make sure the following 5 things ready.
 1) Lay out your "getting ready" clothes. You don't need a rhinestone-encrusted TEAM BRIDE sweatsuit, but put some thought into your outfit. Since you'll be likely be photographed from the moment you wake up (by your mom, your 'maids, and eventually your pro photographer) you probably won't want to throw on an old sorority mixer T-shirt with baggy gym shorts. If you didn't buy an official "getting ready" robe, opt for a dress you can step in and out of or a top that buttons or zips, so you won't have to drag your shirt or dress over your finished hair and makeup.
    2)Round up your day-of essentials in a clutch. You won't need much on your wedding day, but it's smart to fill a clutch with some "just-in-case" items: a mini deodorant, gum, tissues, and a list of your vendors' phone numbers. If you plan on switching to flip-flops during the reception, toss those in there as well.
   3) Pack all your accessories in one bag. Have everything in one place so you're not scrambling to find an earring or a hairpin the morning of. This includes your day-of clutch (see above), jewelry, shoes, undergarments, and hair accessories. Leave your accessories bag next to your wedding dress.
  4) Read through your vows or wedding speech You may have gone over it time and time again over the past few weeks, or you may just be starting to write it now, but your vows or wedding speech has to be spot-on for the big day so give it the once-over one last time. Have a cheeky trial run in front of the mirror, or get your chief bridesmaid or best man to film you on their phone. This should hopefully banish any last-minute nerves and gives you the chance to make any tweaks.
    5) Sleep! Last but not least, sleep! Every bride and groom should look their best on their big day and that means no puffy eyes, pallid complexion or dark circles. Understandably it can be a mega challenge fighting those butterflies in your tummy and attempting slumber the night before such a huge day, and even Prince William himself admitted to a restless night before his wedding day. Try a long bath or shower using products containing essential oils such as lavender or bergamot. Why not even try some meditation? Aim to completely clear your mind of bouquets, veils and bridesmaids for just ten minutes while you focus on your breathing. Perhaps sip on some chamomile tea, but avoid sleeping pills or alcohol as ways to drift off – the last thing you want is to have a bad reaction or be drowsy the next day.


Ways to keep your guest happy

The point of your wedding is to share your happiness with your friends and relatives. In fact, what you have to do is to make them happy or your wedding would not be perfect. Here's what to do to ensure your guests have a great time in your wedding.
 Firstly, you have to choose the right day. Of course you could pick Super Bowl Sunday for your wedding, but don't be surprised if some of the groomsmen look a little, um, distracted during the ceremony. Trust us, your guests will be way happier if you avoid major holidays or national events where they might already have plans. You have to double- check the plans of your guests to make sure most of them are free that day.

Two big deals in wedding are eating and playing. So don’t let your guest disappointed with your food. Weddings guests are often very hungry when the time comes to eat, and if you offer them food they don't like, you are going to have a lot of unhappy guests.You can serve what you like, of course, but to keep your wedding guests happy, keep their tastes in mind as well. This doesn't mean you have to serve hamburgers and hotdogs, but make sure there are some widely loved foods on your menu, as well as a few kid friendly choices.
 Keep your speech short and sweet. If you want happy wedding guests, then don’t make them sit through a two hour wedding ceremony and what seems like an age of wedding speeches afterwards. As much as your guests want to share your wedding day with you, they don’t want to endure a snooze-fest when they would rather be celebrating. Keep proceedings short and sweet and your guests will thank you for it. After all, this allows more time for the fun stuff; drinking, eating, chatting and dancing!

Traditions are important, but there are some things that guests have to go through that make them very uncomfortable. One huge issue that I have personally heard a lot of complaints about is the receiving line after the ceremony. I know what you are thinking, "It's tradition!" Yes, it is tradition, but that doesn't mean you can't tweak it a little to keep your wedding guests happy.Most of your guests will love congratulating you and your parents on your union, but how much do they really know about your bridesmaids and your groomsmen? You may want to leave them out of your receiving line. You may find that not only will this keep your wedding guests happy; your wedding attendants may be relieved as well. Many people just aren't good at forced interactions, and don't know what to say.



In order to be the perfect bride at the wedding day, girls would take a lot of time to choose their wedding dress and other related wedding events. Besides, making a beautiful hairstyle is also important for that day. What kind of hairstyle bride would make on their wedding day?
 Old Hollywood style hair .If there's one beauty trend that's swept all over the world and all over the time, it's Old Hollywood style hair. This sleek and sophisticated look has always been a glamorous choice but more and more celebrities have been shying away from the controlled updos of the past and working with this retro style. Luckily, it's very easy to do at home, and with a few small adjustments, you can really make it your own. This is one of the most traditional hairstyle. Brides often put just as much thought into their wedding day hairstyle as they do their dress. 
Soft Wedding Hairstyles. As always, loosely tousled and carefully hair twisted works to create a structured yet natural and beautiful bridal look and works especially well with long hair. Make the most of your long hair by keeping your hair simple and loose. Handmade with white ribbon, glass beads and small crystals, this glamorous and feminine headband is fit for a princess! Perfectly positioned on your head, opting for a striking hairpiece can really complement your look, without you spending hours creating the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day.

Breezy Bridal Hairstyles.If you are going to celebrate your wedding party on the beach, you had better go for a breezy style. Create French braids on both sides and then mix them at the center. Finally, create a chic chignon with a little volume.The French braid with twists will give you a feminine and attractive look. Make it loose and thick. It will be perfect to pair your stylish hairstyle with a wedding dress made of lace.
Wedding day is one of the most significant days in the life of a woman. Every woman likes to look beautiful, stylish, elegant and gorgeous being a bride. The wedding hairstyle matters a lot along with dress, jewelry and make-up. The selection of hairstyle should be made keeping in view the dress, face shape and length and texture of the hairs. Your wedding day is your chance to glow and shine! Whether you want to be a queen or princess, as you get ready for your walk down the aisle to "happily ever after," all eyes will be on you. Not just because you're the bride, but more importantly, everyone is sure to admire (and maybe covet) your fabulous wedding day hairstyle! So choose a perfect hairstyle for your wedding.  


Ways to save on your wedding

For everyone, wedding is one of the most important moment in their life. People all want to make it special and luxurious. But, not everyone can pay for that. Even most of them have limit budget. So how to save on the wedding has been a question for all future couples. There are some ways to save on your wedding.
Listing your top priorities. Before planning your wedding and reception, you should talk with your future wife or husband first to list the top priorities that you have to do on your wedding. For example, having an amazing wedding dress is your dream. Then you should write down and know this item would cost you a lot and then you will know the other items should cost less. That is to say, from this way you can know what you want to cost more and then you should cost other less.
Choosing the right time to get married. If you get married during the off season, you will save a lot. The off season time for getting married is typically from from Nov. 1 to March 31. At this time, the cost is less for venues, photographers, officiates, bands. You'll also pay less if you steer clear of Saturday night. It is heard that someone can cut her costs by a third by getting married on a Sunday. This way may be more clever and practical.
Doing some DIYs. Nowadays, more and more people do some DIYS for their weddings. it can not only make your wedding special, but also can save the money to some extent. For example, you can do the invitation cards for your self. There are so many fun DIY ways to customize cards or stationery to share your news. Doing so won’t just help you save big, you’ll also be able to truly personalize the message. Plus, you know those blank pieces of paper that go inside most invitations? Guess what -- they’re totally unnecessary! Save hundreds of dollars by skipping this super-formal tradition. The extra paper may be a little over the top, especially if you’re having a casual wedding, and your invites will be more eco-friendly this way.

 limiting the guest list. This is not asking you to reject someone to your wedding. Firstly, you have to make a guest list and make sure that no one is missed. This is important. And then you should call them one by one and comfirm that they can come that day. When you are making the guest list, someone come to your mind and then you think it does not matter he come or not . so just cancell him from your guest list. What you have to do is to invite someone you sincerely want them to witness your getting married.  


Do’s & Dont’s of Planning Your Wedding

Someone who has married know that planning a wedding is really a hard job. There are a lot of details you have to be more careful. Or you will destroy your wedding. Your wedding should be one of the happiest day of your life and in order to make it perfect, you have to know some do’s and don't’s.
 Do be yourself. This is your wedding not your friends and families. You can hear some advices from them. But you can not just do what they require. If you and your fiance want to have a special wedding, no wedding dress, no party, no big dinner and just want to travel be with you, just do that. You have the right to decide what type of wedding you want. If your families and friends really love you, they can understand that and encourage you to do that.

  Do Create Your Timeline. No matter what type of wedding you choose, you have to create your timeline carefully, especially when you want to hold a ceremony. If you do not know how to make it and do not how much time you will need for each item, you can find some wedding profesors to do this for you. They can make it organized and there everything would go well.

Don’t invite people you or your fiance don’t want there. This point is very important. Such people refer to your ex-boyfriend or your fiance ex-girfriend. I don’t mean that every one should do like this. If your ex-boyfriend or your fiance ex-girfriend are still friends with you and they do not do something hurting you before, why not? But you know there is often happens that your break-up is often a sad story and you hurt very much. On this occasion, to invite them just make you remenber the sad past. Why do this. And the important point is that your fiance would care about it just as you care your fiance inviting his ex girlfriend. All in all, do not do something that would do bad to your mood. 

Don't put yourself into debt by throwing a lavish wedding. It's not worth it. If you just don't have the budget for it, have a small party you both will love. Times are changing and having a big, lavish wedding is far from the norm. Debt from your wedding is only going to cause marital tension in the long run. In the end, all that matters is that your close friends and family are present and you have a memorable evening. They can understand that and will be also happy. Your should make your wedding perfect without any annoyance.

There are a lot of do’s and don't;s, but I just point the most important ones. Actually, you just remenber what would make you happy. That is do’s. What would make you sad. That is don't’s. Do not let your wedding with regrets.


Romantic Ways to Propose

    Every girl would dream of being asked “would you marry me “ and they also would imagine how her boy would the this for her. It seems that making proposal has been a very important part before their wedding. As for the boys, they would be under a lot of pressure because they have no idea which way their girls would like and would they say yes. Before doing this, they would plan a lot and ask a lot of friends and relatives for help. Next ,we can see what usually romantic ways have been used by the boys.
    Candle lit Dinner. This is the way most used we can see around us. The boy would often ask the girl to have a Candle lit dinner as usual and don’t tell her anything. When the girl come to the dinner, the boy would  turn off all lights and lit the candles, play romantic songs, such as "So in Love," by All-4-One. Then the boy would take out a ring and kneel down in front of the girl and ask ‘would you marry me”. At this time, most of the girl would say yes with tears in her eyes. Would you imagine like this?

    Fireworks. we know that the beauty of the firework is short, but we all love its beautiful display of colors exploding in the night sky, especially the girls. Watching the fireworks display with the people you love is very romantic. If a boy invite you to do this and he set the fireworks that he prepared before and create a special proposal message in the firework, don't you being moved a lot. If someone propose in this way, I will say “yes” immediately. I think you will also do the same with me.

    Bed of roses. Roses are girls favor and it is indispensable for a boy to make a proposal.If a boy just take a bunch of roses and stand in front of you and ask ‘ would you marry me’, you may not being moved a lot. On the condition that you come back home as usual and when you open the door, you find a heart shape roses on the bed and in the middle of the heart you find a ring, at this time your boy friend come up and say ‘baby, would you marry me?’. I think you will cry for joy.

  Every girl is dreaming of being asked by her boy. So boys take it more seriously. Don'’t think it is not important and don't think your girl may not like that. Getting your courage and making a good preparation, you will be sure to receive a yes to marriage.