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New Stylish Cat's Eye Design Sunglasses
I got them in black and turquoise and I love them. Look cool and mysterious and in the pub the whole group wanted to put them on and take pictures
Elegant Sweetheart Shaped Gem Jewel Studded Slim Band Ring
cute ring I enjoy wearing these kind of rings for an afternoon out shopping and an evening out They fun to add to any outfit
Popular Geometric Buckle Straps Fastening Leisure Backpack School Bag
My bag came exactly as described! It's well made and even bigger than I expected. My only beef was the shipping time stated 5-7 days and it took 3 weeks. The included pictures are without and with flash. It folds really well and the reflective patches are clean, and very sturdy.
World Map Women's Watches
Watch has no battery or way to put one in. Clock only seems to go 11 hours but looks great as an accessory
Popular Vintage Leather Quartz Water Resistance Watch
Very pretty and aesthetic, but not made too well. Fell apart pretty quick.
Harry Potter Death Artifact Design Ring
Very small, meant for very small hands
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