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Home Lighting Reviews
Silicon Gel Curved Hanging Lamp Minimalist 4 Light Cluster Pendant Light for Library
The light is well-made, but needed to be re-glued in several places. It had unusual wiring which had no instructions with it. There were two sheets of paper in Chinese which when translated to English said generalities such as 'hang the light from the ceiling'. The help line did not respond when we called for help.
Cartoon Compass Shape Flush Mount Light White/Warm Lighting/Stepless Dimming Ceiling Light for Boy Bedroom
Light came with no instructions and holes to affix the compass off center.
Modern Style Compass Boys Room LED Flush Ceiling Light Ultra-Thin
Item has been manufactured incorrectly. The compass plate needs to be removed and flipped to correct the invert. The picture shown in the description also displays it as west and east switched but does not depict the inverted letters.
Acrylic Slim Panel Ceiling Mount Light Nordic Stylish Flush Light in Black/Gray/White for Bedroom
Matches my kitchen perfectly... and gives it such a modern look. Just have no idea how I would ever replace the strip bulbs if they ever blow. Probably have to change the entire light itself... but it is beautiful.
Pulley 3 Head Billiard Light in Balck Barn Shade with Wire Guard for Pool Table Kitchen Island
I ordered this light to mount over our pool table in our bar area. It fits perfectly with the style and them and gives a soft glow to the room in general if you don't want the overhead lights on as well as just enough extra lighting above the table itself. I also like that the bulb is 'caged' in so to speak so if there was a pool ball that took a crazy jump, I don't have to worry about glass shattering.
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