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Comic 3D Pug Dog Printed Oversize Long Sleeve Hoodie with Pockets
Seems to take a long time for items to ship, but you have great deals
Sad Face Letter Print Long Sleeve Loose Hoodie with Pocket
This mf came small af, is I wear a us size large, what’s the best fit for me?
3D Fox Print Long Sleeve Hoodie for Couple
Came out perfect. Hood's a bit small, but I don't usually use a hood part of hoodies anyway. The little things that go on the end of hoodie strings are metal; nice touch.
New Stylish 3D Galaxy & Skull Print Long Sleeves Drawstring Hoodie
At first the bad. I payed much money (15€) so that my order arrives me after about a week instead of 2-3 weeks. It took 18 days so the money I invested was pretty wasted... I also didnt get any informations durin g the shipping progress. I only had the first order confirmation with all needed informations in it to see what's happening with my order. But at least I saw very detailed everything I needed, everything what happened during the transport and Im extremely happy about my product. It fits perfect and the quality is awesome. The colours are shining the cut is perfect and I f**g love it. So instead of giving you 1 or 2 stars in two of your categories Im giving you 4. So you can work on it and improve your service and I wont ruin your rating at all because I think that's way too unfair and mean in this case. Everything is fine and I know that I can trust you now :) Thank you very very much for every single step that was needed to give me this really really cool hoodie. Thanks a lot! I hope all of you have a great time <3
Popular Hamburger Cat Galaxy Printed Long Sleeves Pullover Hoodie with Pocket
The sweatshirt is amazing. it was exactly what i wanted. thank you beautiful halo
Popular Friends Don't Lie Letter Striped Long Sleeve Pullover Hoodie
한국에서 시켰는데 걱정되기도 했었는데 딱 받았는데 약간 재질이 신기하긴한데 예쁜것 같아요 ㅎㅎ
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