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Classic Letter Print Long Sleeve Hoodie in Cotton
The sweatshirt is extremely comfortable. The inside is a plush, fleecy material, and it's super warm. It fits really well, and is super cute! I'm glad I bought this sweater, 10/10 would recommend!
Boyfriend White Japanese Print Long Sleeve Hoodie
This is a really nice sweatshirt, its warm and soft and versatile :) I would recommend this with a white or black pleated skirt :) >.> but on the inside the brushed fleece kinda sheds onto my skirt <.< Overall yeah its a great sweatshirt!!
Cartoon Print Round Neck Long Sleeve Cropped Sweatshirt
Its so cute!! I forgot to add the images oops ;)
Cartoon Print Round Neck Long Sleeve Cropped Sweatshirt
Definitely one of my favourite purchases from here! The colour is nice and print even looks better in person. The sweatshirt is warm, comfy and soft too, though it is very wide at the base so its breezy :o
New Style Cozy Star Print Long Sleeve Hoodie
I love this hoodie! It came in perfect condition, exactly like the picture. It fits me to a 'T' and the lining is extra soft!
Polka Dot and Stripe Print Sweatshirt with Letter Pattern
This item is one size only and I would say it fits UK sizes 8, 10, 12 or US sizes 6, 8, 10 (small/medium). I ordered the blue and orange/red version and the colours matched the photo on the website exactly. It's very cosy. The inside is fleecy and soft. The POW! design on the front feels like a bit like towel fabric. I'm very tempted to buy this jumper in the other colour options! It's my new favourite.
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