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Industrial 3 Light Dome Shade Restoration Multi-Light Pendant For Bars
Love this light. Looks awesome over my kitchen island.
Adjustable Dome Wall Sconce in Black Task Lighting for Studying Room Living Room Hallway
Overall, it is a good product. The quality of the housing, the rod, and the wall plate are good. The bulb housing is all plastic, and can appear rather cheap, but it doesn't affect the function, however, iy may take a few different style light bulbs to make it work. I wired two units in and tried two known-good light bulbs and the light would not work. The other light did work with the same type/kind of bulb. Both bulbs were the same type/kind. I then tried a different light bulb in the other one and the light worked as advertised. Be prepared to wait a month or longer for shipping as they do come directly from China. Customer services was good as they provided updates after the shipment got to the US. Until it reaches CONUS soil, there are no tracking numbers provided or updates. Patience is power; with time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
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