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Women's Winter Warm Velvet Elastic Leggings
These are crazy warm, perfect to wear with skirts on the winter. They are sewn at the crotch so I guess it's better to wear them with something over them like a dress or a skirt.
New Trendy Floral Print Elastic Waistband Skinny Yoga Leggings
beautiful pattern down the side of the leg, fabric doesn't feel "cheap" and is very breathable. Only thing is they're a bit sheer around the bottom area. Apart from that amazing!
Women's Flexible Exercise Pants
I love the design and its very comfortable to run in. Went too heavy on the workout one day and ripped a hole on the inner thigh, but still lasted about a year of constant use. Loved it!
Word and Simple Picture Print Black Skinny Leggings
The pants fit perfectly! They look exactly like the picture except the material used isn't the best quality and the waist comes up a little high but I still find them really cute to wear. Not see-through at all.
Fashion Women Patterned Print Elastic Waist Leggings
I'm in love with this legging, the print is like the photo :)
Black Mystery Print Fashionable Fitted Skinny Leggings
amazing, nice quality, and looked exactly like the picture
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