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How can I cancel my order?

If your order status is Pending, you can easily delete your order yourself. If your order status is Processing, you can submit a ticket to cancel your order. Once an order is All Shipped, it can no longer be cancelled.

See the chart below for information on products that may require a restocking/processing fee:

Weddings & Events

Within 24 hours of payment confirmation* 24-72 hours after payment confirmation* More than 72 hours after payment confirmation*
Full Refund 50% refund of the product price, full refund of the shipping price Refund of shipping costs only

*When you receive an email entitled "Payment Confirmation for Order#_______ with", your payment has been confirmed.

To delete your order

Sign Into your account and click on My Orders, find the order number that you would like to cancel, Click on the order number to view more details about your order. .

Choose Delete this order, then your order will be cancelled.

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